COVID-19 Social Stories

Table of Contents

I Have a Question about Coronavirus consists of three components:

1. The Complete Story
Created with straightforward text and clear illustrations for children who process information best through words and pictures.

2. Short Picture Story
Designed for children who learn best through visual cues, and for those who may want to re-read the story and think about it independently.

3. Suggestions for Parents and Caregivers Written for the adults in a child’s life, helping them continue the conversation about the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This is a free PDF designed for kids, to help understand coronavirus and “alleviate fears and anxiety” kids may have. Your can fill in the details of the story as a family. 

“For our kiddos who struggle with understanding change or worrying about things around them, social stories can be a really effective tool to help explain the world in a kid friendly way.”

Another free story to help your kids understand what’s going on in the world with COVID-19

Another useful social story, this one for teenagers

Sometimes adults and kids need to wear masks to protect other people from getting sick

Sometimes adults and kids need to wear masks to protect other people from getting sick

“Coronavirus is a little germ that is going around the world right now. Another name for it is COVID-19. It is a germ that gets in the lungs and makes people develop a fever and cough a lot.”

“To promote safety and healthy prevention of Coronavirus (COVID-19), these wonderful children have created a step-by-step video guide for toddlers, preschoolers, kids, and people of all abilities!”

“We Wear Masks” is an animated social story that helps that explain some of the issues we are facing right now including wearing a mask, school closure, and social distancing.

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