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Aging and Down Syndrome

Adults with Down syndrome are now reaching old age on a regular basis and are commonly living into their 50s, 60s and 70s.

Anesthesia and Down Syndrome

by Dr. James Hunt

Note from ADSA: ADSA Board Member, Dr. James Hunt wrote this article currently found on NDSS website. Helpful for anyone concerned about anesthesia for their loved one with Down syndrome.

Complications of anesthesia (sedation during surgery) occur in all patient populations, including those with Down syndrome.

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Behavior and Down Syndrome: A Practical Guide for Parents

“David Stein, PsyD of the Developmental Medicine Center at Children’s Hospital Boston developed this guide to provide sound, practical advice for parents of children with Down syndrome. Recognizing that each child is unique but also that there are some common areas that can present challenges and also particular strategies that have proven successful.”


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