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Elected Officials

Learn how to get in touch with your federal, state, and local elected leaders. This site shows you how to contact ANY ELECTED OFFICIAL;  President, Members of U.S. Congress, State Governors and Legislators, U.S. Mayors and County Officials.

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Tracking the United States Congress. Find your representative and senators and legislation that affects you.

“We publish the status of federal legislation, information about your representative and senators in Congress including voting records, and original research on legislation and congressional oversight & investigations. We’re one of the oldest government transparency websites in the world.”

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At LegiScan we recognize that fact and the significance of being informed and engaged about the results of elected legislators. Whether you need to focus on a single state, track any of the bills across fifty states or are looking to create your own custom application, LegiScan provide services that bring all legislative information together into a single uniform interface. With over a decade of servicing clients from public agencies, non-profit associations and national corporations; we have developed the tools and technology to save time and enhance analysis and communication.


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National Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition

About NDAC

The National Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition (“NDAC”) is a member service of the National Down Syndrome Congress (“NDSC”). NDAC is a grassroots advocacy service that is designed to educate individuals with Down syndrome, their family members and other allies about policy issues and give them the advocacy tools and techniques they need to effectively engage with their legislators to advocate for change. NDAC aligns with NDSC’s purpose since its founding in 1973: to promote the interests of people with Down syndrome and their families through advocacy, public awareness and information.

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